INFO: I uploaded all these projects in 2021. I had forgotten many of these projects but I refreshed my memories after I checked my storage. By the year 2010 I was 16 year old and most not completed and abandoned projects are from that time. I guess this was happening because I could not estimate how much effort I would have to put to a single project and I wanted to get different knowledge by switching between projects. There are only a very few projects after the year 2011 because I started my Bachelor studies and I also started to work so I did not have time for that anymore.

By default the projects are public domain (Unlicense) unless I specified otherwise.

Name: Gyvatė

Snake game. Written in C and uses Win32 API. Source code is here. License: GPLv3.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows XPArchitecture: x86
Year: 2011Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Unknown Letters Solver (Quick & Dirty version)
Unknown Letters Solver (Quick & Dirty version)

One day my mother gave me database file (CSV file converted to MS excel file) with many people names, sirnames, emails and other information. Then asked me to guess unknown letters in names & sirnames, whose were replaced with question ('?') marks. In the database file was about 20000 records or more! I was to lazy to do that. So, I decided to write a program which did that task for me.

I need to mention that writting a program was harder and probably more time comfusing, but very INTERESTING work ;-) . But after some months she gave that task again for me and I could use my program again.

Here is description from the source code file, currently only in Lithanian language:

/* ===========================================================
 * PROGRAM: Unknown Letters Solver
 * VERSION: 1.04
 * -----------------------------------------------------------
 * Tekstineje (naud. ASCII ar UTF-8 koduote).csv duomenu baze-
 * je, kurioje surasyti vardai ir pavardes,  programa  suranda
 * irasus su trukstamais simboliais  (jie turi  buti  pazymeti
 * '?'), ir juos bando nuspeti.Pradzioje speja pagal salia nu-
 * rodyta e-mail adresa, o tada bando ieskoti  vardu/pavardziu
 * su spejamais simboliais internete (naudoja "Bing") ir kai
 * spejimo budu suranda daugiausia rezultatu, tai  tas raides,
 * su kuriomis buvo suformuluota daugiausia  rezultatu  davusi
 * uzklausa, suraso i rezultatu faila. Jei niekaip  nepavyksta
 * nieko rasti per "Bing",tai raides nuspejamos atsitiktinu-
 * mo budu. .CSV duomenu bazes struktura:
 * +-------------------------------------------------------+
 * |"Vard?s";"Pavarde";"";"kiti";"duomenys"|  <-- Source database should be in such format (csv file)
 * |"Vard?s";"Pav?rde";"";"kiti";"duomenys2"               |
 * |"Vardas";"Pa??rde";"";"kiti";"duomenys"|
 * `~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
 * ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,   
 * |"Paskutinis";"Irasas";"invalid";"kiti";"duomenys"      |
 * +-------------------------------------------------------+
 *       ----> USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK! <----
 * -----------------------------------------------------------
 *  1.0  - Initial version
 *  1.01 - Some bugfixes:
 *         1. Invalid references then solving UTF-8 data
 *		   2. Improved error checking (but not completed yet!)
 *		   3. Improved communication with "Bing" algorithm
 *		   4. Added ability to enter how much questions try to
 *		      solve via "Bing". *
 *  1.02 - Some bugfixes:
 *		   1. Fixed some major bugs in unknown letters solu-
 *            tion by email address algorithm.
 *		   2. Improved search via "Bing". 
 *  1.03 - Improved accuracy of solution
 *  1.04 - 1. Changed search engine. Now this program uses 
 *            "Bing" because "Google" now don't allow automated 
 *            queues.
 *         2. Added ability to cancel conversion
 *         3. Now record solved by random are marked as RANDOM
 *            in destination file.
 *  (P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.)
 * -----------------------------------------------------------
 * (c)COPYLEFT 2010, Azuolas - Faustas BAGDONAS
 * Programa leidziama visiems modifikuoti, tobulinti, taikyti
 * saviems tikslams. Tai tera Quick & Dirty  versija,  skirta
 * mano asmeninems poreikiams.
 * =========================================================== */

Note: Most likely this will not work anymore because bing website has been updated since then. Furthermore, most likely now Bing has protection against bots.

Written in C and uses WinSock.

NOTE: Comment in main.c states that it is copyleft. However, I don't care about this code anymore and I will be happy if somebody would find it useful. You can do whatever you want with it. License: Unlicense (public domain).

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows XPArchitecture: x86
Year: 2010Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: AFTEDIT (abandoned, not completed)
AFTEDIT (abandoned, not completed)

The most useless and the most buggy text editor in the entire galaxy!!! Congratulations, you have an opportunity to try it. Use it if you want the most awful text editing experience. Developed under Borland Turbo C IDE. The archive includes executable and source code.

NOTE: Use it on your own risk! You will definitely mess up your important files if you will try to open them with this editor :-D .

Written in C, uses Borland Turbo C compiler.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS-DOSArchitecture: 8086
Year: 2009Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: GG4DOS (abandoned, not completed)
GG4DOS (abandoned, not completed)

WAV file player for MS-DOS. It plays files via "PC Speaker". Tested on MS-DOS 6.22 and only on IBM T20. It does not play under MS Windows. Very likely that it will not work on anything else.

Written in C, uses Borland Turbo C compiler.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS-DOS 6.22Architecture: 8086
Year: 2009Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Realios tinklo apkrovos modeliavimo programa
Realios tinklo apkrovos modeliavimo programa

This program simulates user activity on the internet. It simulates browsing of various websites, watching Youtube videos, sending and receiving emails (supports TLS/SSL and could be used with GMail account). Also it simulates google'ing with specified queries. Queries occurs at random time in specified range. It stores settings in ini file so it is portable, no installer. It is written with C++ in Windows API and uses OpenSSL library for SSL. I developed this program for VGTU university research project ("Local outlier factor use for the network flow anomaly detection", link: ). After we published the article I didn't develop this software further. I gave source code to lecturer but I think nobody worked on it further. It is in beta status. I worked on this during 2014 July and August. This software is abandoned now but if somebody would be interesting I may be continue working on it. I will put it as is on my website as an open source project and I hope somebody will be interested in it.

It seems still somewhat useful in 2021 but if I would have to do this now I would use WebView2 which has been introduced in 2020 and use MS Windows built in support for SSL. Written in C++, compiler is GCC, uses Win32 and OpenSSL. Source code is here. License: GPLv3.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows XPArchitecture: x86
Year: 2014Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Embedded Font Editor (abandoned, not completed)
Embedded Font Editor (abandoned, not completed)

This is one more my created and soon abandoned and useless project. It is developed for MS Windows XP. However, now I compiled it With MSVC 2019 because there was no executable. Thus, it actually does not work under Windows XP (because MSVC 2019 cannot create compatible executables). On windows 10 it should be started in compatibility mode (preferably set to Windows XP).

Written in C, compiler MSVC, uses Win32.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows XP(*see desc.)Architecture: x86
Year: 2010Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Hex Viewer (abandoned, not completed)
Hex Viewer (abandoned, not completed)

I am proud that I managed to develop the most useless and buggy hex viewer in the world. Scrolls only down :-D .

Written in C, uses Borland Turbo C compiler.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS-DOSArchitecture: 8086
Year: 2009Download (0) Comments (?)


Super simple encryption utility which just uses XOR operation as encryption. The archive contains:

  • C source code (for Borland Turbo C compiler) and executable for MS-DOS.
  • C Source code for Win32 console version (Borland C++ Builder is needed to compile)
  • C++ source code for GUI version, needs VCL framework (so Borland C++ Builder is needed to compile)

I don't have Borland C++ Builder and I didn't find executables from 2009 so they are not included. Only MS-DOS executable is present.

Since it is very simple project it is likely that I will revive it and create a super simple encryption application for Win32. Of course I will NOT work with obsolete tools (I would use the latest version of GCC or MSVC).

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS-DOSArchitecture: 8086
Year: 2009Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Ruler (abandonned?, not completed)
Ruler (abandonned?, not completed)

A simple on-screen ruler even without numbers because it is so incomplete. I developed it on Windows XP but since I didn't find the binary I compiled it with MSVC 2019 which does not support Windows XP. So actually I guess binary will work only on Win 7 and 10.

Since this project is very simple it is likely that I will continue it.

Written in C, uses Win32 directly.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows XP(*see desc.)Architecture: x86
Year: 2010Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Laikrodis-Termometras

This is a device which shows time and measures temperature using a thermistor.

It uses PIC16F676 microcontroller. I wrote the firmware in assembly language. Source code, binary (as a .hex file) and documentation (in Lt language) is included in the archive.

If you would like you can use it for any peaceful purpose except plagiarism. This was my coursework, btw. License: MIT.

Size: ??? kiBOS: N/AArchitecture: PIC16
Year: 2015Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Flickr Downloader
Flickr Downloader

I want to familiarize myself with new MS Windows component WebView2 so I decided to develop a downloader. At first I thought that I will do universal video downloader but later I decided that I will only do Flickr photo downloader instead because I want to keep my task simple. I don't want to spend much time on this project.

This application needs WebView2 runtime. At the moment this application in very early development stages so it is quite useless. I will share source code on BitBucket when this application will become useful.

Update 2021-04-25: It finally becomes useful!!! I still don't share the source because currently it is a complete mess which I must improve and to make it nice.

License: GPLv3.

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows 10Architecture: x86
Year: 2021Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: Crossword Solver
Crossword Solver

Solves crosswords where one has to find words in array of letters. Outputs position of words in console.

The application takes data from specified file which must have format as cw.txt .

section contains letter array where one has to find words and section
contains the words which have to be found in the crossword matrix.

Size: ??? kiBOS: Windows XPArchitecture:
Year: 2009Download (0) Comments (?)

Name: JPEG2BMP_test

I developed a very simple JPEG decoder and its demo application for it which can convert JPEG to BMP or show it in console (80x25). It can also show BMP files in console (see the screenshot).

I did this as a homework for the university. License: MIT.

Size: ??? kiBOS: Windows 7Architecture: x86
Year: 2012Download () Comments (?)


I am proud that I managed to make the most useless and the most buggy bootloader in the world which doesn't even work. Well, at least it shows something and accepts user input using legacy BIOS interrupt handler services (INT 10h and INT 13h).

I guess I didn't even know C language back then in 2008 or maybe I was very novice in C.

It is likely that I will decide to make the most useless OS in the entire galaxy. Then maybe I will use part of this code in that project.

Size: ??? kiBOS: Legacy BIOSArchitecture: 8086
Year: 2008Download () Comments (?)


This is the modern version of my useless text editor "AFTEDIT". The real aim of this project is not to create one more useless text editor but to create a cross-platform ribbon widget and a demo application for it. The widget and this useless demo application will be available under MIT license. Afaik, other similar ribbons are available only under LGPLv3 or commercial licenses. I will use this my widget in "Rene Search" which is closed source project. It is shipped without installer for obvious reasons :-) . This project is under very early development at the moment. Source code is not available yet. But it will be available soon!

Size: ??? kiBOS: MS Windows 10Architecture: x86
Year: 2021Download () Comments (?)

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